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Cover of Radiant by Karina Sumner-Smith. Young woman looking into destroyed city.


With no magic, only Xhea’s strange ability to see ghosts lets her survive in the ruins beneath the City’s luxurious floating Towers. But when she takes possession of Shai, the ghost of a girl who hasn’t died, everything changes. Shai’s body has been kidnapped, her ghost is on the run—and only Xhea stands between Shai and a fate worse than death.

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Cover of Defiant by Karina Sumner-Smith. Glowing woman walks down street in destroyed city


War is brewing. When rival factions attempt to claim the power of the Radiant ghost Shai, not even Xhea’s strange magic may be enough to stop the destruction. A story of a city poised on the edge of ruin, and the friendship between two young women that will change their world forever.

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Cover of Towers Fall by Karina Sumner-Smith. Crumbling city with floating tower.

Towers Fall

War. Fire. Destruction. Xhea believed that the Lower City had weathered the worst of its troubles, and that their only remaining fight would be the struggle to rebuild before winter. She was wrong.


"If C. J. Cherryh wrote fantasy with a futuristic feel, it would have a lot in common with this book, especially the protagonist. Excellent work, and recommended."

- Michelle Sagara, New York Times bestselling author of The Chronicles of Elantra

Head shot photo of Karina Sumner-Smith

About The Author

Karina Sumner-Smith is a Canadian fantasy author. Her work has been nominated for the Nebula Award, and translated into Czech and Spanish. She currently lives in Toronto.